Top Takeaways from WWE RAW (11/14/22) and SmackDown (11/18/22)

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As we move towards Survivor Series, the War Games teams are almost complete with one member on the women’s side left to be revealed. The men’s War Games is set up and it has a lot of potential, and a ton of excitement.

Women’s War Games almost complete

On RAW this week we found out that Rhea Ripley along with Mia Yim will be involved in WAr Games. With Mia Yim joining Team Bianca, and Ripley joining Damage CTRL.
First off, the dynamic should be really good, with Rhea more so siding with Bayley’s team because Mia Yim is on the opposite side and not for the sake of it. But there is still one more female that is needed on Team Bianca, I think that may end up being a returning Becky Lynch, if not it might be Candice Lerae, there are a couple of options should Becky be available again.

The U.S Title and Austin Theory

Austin Theory, one week after losing his Money in the Bank, is now being presented better from the off. Theory never should have won the briefcase anyway. Now we will see what will hopefully be the best version of him.

He is now more serious and it was shown, as after the main event, he attacked Seth Rollins and stood tall at the end of the show. Based upon what happened in the Smackdown World Cup, with Ali not getting past Ricochet, but putting on a great match. He will probably be involved in a fatal four way fro the U.S title. I can see it being Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley vs Mustafa Ali vs Austin Theory.

Miz and Dexter

The Miz and Dexter Lumis will finally conclude at Survivor Series. Can’t say it’s interesting anymore but if Dexter wins, he gets a contract and he will be paid by Miz. While if Miz wins he gets Dexter out of his life.

It became unintersting a few weeks back but at least we are finally getting something substantial with this ending. Hopefully from this Johnny Gargano can move on to something better after this too.

Bray Wyatt first feud with LA Knight

Bray Wyatt addresses his actions from last week. LA Knight interrupts Bray Wyatt during his segment. As Bray intended to apologise for his headbutt last week, Knight comes down to the ring, and the only time he gets in the ring, is to slap Bray across the face.
They both agree that makes them even. This is until Bray offers to shake hands, Knight slaps him again. This time Bray Wyatt is visibly annoyed, and looks to be the first time we will see potential ruthlessness come out of him.

When the camera was on Bray to end that segment, his eyes looked like they were in some sort of trance. So as this has continued into this week, this looks to be the first feud for Bray Wyatt. But it seems Uncle Howdy’s influence will take full control over Bray here, advancing his character with a path that is very interesting.

The World Cup continues

The Smackdown World Cup is continuing along with two more matches done. Ricochet beat Mustafa Ali to advance to the semi finals, he will compete against Braun Strowman in a match that will happen on next weeks show. Sami Zayn and Butch competed for a spot to face Santos Escobar in the other semi final. Butch picked up the win over Sami Zayn meaning he will face Santos next week. The final is looking to be Strowman against Escobar. As much as Ricochet vs Escobar would be incredible, I don’t see it unfortunately.

And based on what happened between Strowman and Gunther during the show. It looks like that is where we are heading.

Sheamus reveals the fifth man

Book-ending the show, The Brawling Brutes introduced Drew McIntyre who will be on the team. But then they said they have found a partner for War Games. After Butch vs Sami, this man was revealed to be Kevin Owens. As we expected, Owens is the final man for Team Sheamus. Owens came out and took out The Bloodline up the ramp and had an incredible staredown with Roman Reigns. Then shortly after, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens ended up face to face in a very cool moment, being on opposite sides.

The dynamic in War Games between these two teams is going to be phenomenal. Especially with the history between Roman, Sheamus, Drew and Solo. So many different things to look out for here. Next week, The Usos will compete against Drew and Sheamus to determine who gets the advantage in War Games. I expect the Usos to win there. But at Survivor Series, The Bloodline will experience some dysfunction during the match, costing them.

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