Top Takeaways from WWE RAW (9/12) and SmackDown (9/16)

(Photo Credit: WWE)

In what has been another solid week for WWE as Extreme Rules gets closer. There was some good moments on both shows including a title change on RAW. On Smackdown the best storyline going right now with The Bloodline continues to rise in heat.

Monday Night RAW

Damage Control are now the Women’s tag team champions. Considering this outcome should’ve been what happened in the tournament final. We can finally go along with where the whole story arc was going. Which the faction warfare with Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss and Asuka against Damage Control. I’ve said this before but War Games may be a possibility. With Becky Lynch maybe nearing a return, we could see a renewed rivalry between her and Damage Control.

Johnny Gargano had his first match on RAW. Against Chad Gable, and it was a very good match. Very happy to see him back in action. Obviously Gargano picked up the win but after the match is where Austin Theory attacked him from behind, hitting him with the briefcase up on the ramp. While it hasn’t been announced yet, their match will most likely happen at Extreme Rules, which should be a fantastic match in its own right.

Following Austin Theory attacking Gargano, he is then in the ring when Kevin Owens comes out. This is where Owens once again showed off that he is one of the best promos in the company. He went off on Theory and really tried to fire him up because of Theory’s attitude. Amazing promo but when that didn’t work, a brawl started. Whether this is the start of Austin Theory going through a learning phase to become better remains to be seen. That is what it looks like though.

Friday Night SmackDown

The Sami Zayn/Bloodline story is the best thing going right now. This week during a match with Sami and Ricochet. Jey Uso costs Zayn the win after distracting the referee during a pin attempt after a blue thunder bomb. This is where tensions rose as Sami and Jey went face to face outside of the ring. Jimmy had to break them up. When Sami got back in the ring, he was brought down by Ricochet, then beaten after being hit by a shooting star press. I feel like we are heading into the next phase of the storyline. Coupled with the fact that when Solo Sikoa wanted Sami out for his match and not Jey.

The Brawling Brutes are now the number one contenders for the tag team titles. They won a fatal four-way match against Imperium, Hit Row and New Day. Pinning New Day after Imperium hit the Imperium bomb, then Ridge Holland tagged in and got the win. The match for the titles will take place next week on Smackdown. I fully expect The Usos to retain but we probably see more exploration into the dissension between Sami and Jey. Maybe Sami almost costs them the titles. Maybe it ends up in a clean finish. We’ll see where it goes.

LA Knight. This is a small thing but last week there was a tease of a change in character in a clip on social media. This week he was in the ring ready to unveil the Maximum Male Models once again. Because the show was in Anaheim, CA. He mentions L.A. For a moment he stops like he has a realisation. Then continues on. These couple of teases are exciting because LA Knight should have never been straddled with this gimmick that he currently has that will go nowhere. So hopefully this fully transforms him back to LA Knight which would also get another great name on the roster to utilise.

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