Top TNA Star Informs Locker Room He’s Done With Company is reporting the following:

We’ve heard from multiple TNA talents that Bully Ray held a meeting with the roster working tonight’s live event in Hagerstown, MD and informed them he wanted to personally tell them goodbye as he didn’t expect to be back for the company.

In asking around, Ray’s contract is expiring and tonight’s live event is the last show he is contracted to appear on. Based on what Ray told the locker room, obviously the two sides have not come to terms on a new deal.

What is amazing about this is that Ray (along with his partner Devon) is scheduled to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame at Bound for Glory this October. TNA also has one match left in a series of bouts Ray was heavily involved in at the last set of Impact Wrestling tapings, which means that if he departs, they will be left scrambling to end that series without him.

Ray had been the central point of the company over the last several years, first with a heel run as the central figure behind Aces & Eights, which brought him his first TNA championship. After losing the title, Ray was transformed into a babyface pursuing Dixie Carter in order to put her through a table, which became the biggest moment of TNA’s entire summer. That angle was something that Ray brought to and pitched to TNA management.

Ray has been with TNA since 2005 following runs in the original ECW and WWE. During the TNA run he morphed from one half of Team 3D to a legitimate top singles star. Beyond wrestling, he was also working as an agent backstage.

  • Necro

    Go back to WWE :) haha xD

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      It’d be better if he didn’t

      • Necro

        I know XD

        • Sandman

          its not half a bad idea and if WWE ever want to make the tag division mean something ever again having bully ray and road dogg as agents would be a good idea

    • Yusei Asakura

      If they induct him and Devon I could see a mini run till WM with those two as Heyman guys, plus it’ll help put the Tag Team Division over with them passing the torch to some of the new guys

      • Necro

        Bring back Jeff and Matt as well, make them start a tag tournament where something along the lines of it ending with Team 3D facing off against The Ascension and The Usos against The Hardy’s, the ultimate passing of the torches.

  • District_Me

    Fuuuuuck. When Bully Ray was on Austin’s podcast he seemed very hopeful about the NYC tapings and the tapings “turning the page” for TNA. This past week on Jim Ross’s podcast, Bubba voiced that he was frustrated with the up and downs. He also said he wanted a singles run at WWE, but wasn’t sure if he could be a real heel at WWE

    • RReigns121314

      Good! WWE is the place for him anyway!