Translation Of What Asuka And Iyo Sky Said To Each Other During WWE SmackDown

(Photo Credit: WWE)

As seen on this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, Asuka and Iyo Sky exchanged words in Japanese.

The following is an English translation of what they said:

Iyo: “Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Miss Asuka, you sure are getting WAY too cocky! I win at Money in the Bank (points to briefcases), I will challenge for that title. Iyo Sky will become the NEW CHAMPION! So best regards.”

Asuka: “Child! Child! You know, little children are not allowed to be here!”

Iyo: “Shut up, you piece of sh*t!”

Asuka: “Stupid!”

Iyo: “Piece of sh*t!”

Asuka: “Stupid!”

Iyo and Asuka previously had a verbal exchange in Japanese during an episode of RAW in 2022.

You can check out footage from the segment below: