Trevor Murdoch Explains Why Triple H Won’t Hot-Shot Storylines In WWE

Trevor Murdoch recently spoke with Fightful for an interview promoting the upcoming NWA 74th Anniversary pay-per-view.

While talking with the website, the wrestling veteran spoke about Paul “Triple H” Levesque taking over WWE creative, as well as how he believes “The Game” won’t hot-shot ideas, instead opting to plan out stories long-term to maximize affect.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On how he was stoked to hear that Triple H was taking over WWE creative: “Oh, completely. I had a chance to work with DX and Hunter, behind the scenes, was constantly talking to us about wrestling and wrestling ideas. When I heard that Hunter was taking over, I was stoked. You’re gonna see a whole brand new product, in my opinion, a product we all love and enjoy again in about three months. You’re gonna take some time to build different angles and stuff like that, but one thing about Hunter is he’s not afraid to listen to the people and he’s smart enough not to give it all away.”

On how he believes that Triple H will not hot-shot ideas and plan things out for maximum effect: “Right now there are some other companies out there, and I’m not gonna name any names, that are just throwing every single thing they have as soon as they get their hand on it,” Trevor continued. “They just wanna get it out and give it to the people. There’s something to be said about a nice, slow build on things. That’s what you’re gonna see out of Hunter in WWE. We’re gonna have this conversation in about three or four months, Sean, and we’re gonna be talking about what’s going on in WWE because they’re gonna have pro wrestling on their TV.”

Check out the complete interview at Fightful.