Trevor Murdoch Talks Match With Aron Stevens At Alwayz Ready, NWA Future, More

Trevor Murdoch made his way back to the world of professional wrestling back in 2019. After returning from his retirement, Murdoch came up short in his first match back with Ricky Starks, but this was the start of something much bigger for Murdoch. It would start his run with the National Wrestling Alliance.

Murdoch described his debut in NWA as a “capper” in his career while speaking exclusively to “I’ve done everything I could to get as close to the NWA as possible,” says Murdoch. Murdoch’s mentor was Harley Race, who happens to be an eight-time NWA Champion. “I and a lot of the guys over the years would talk about how cool it would be to wrestle in the NWA as Harley did,” says Murdoch.

For it to happen was a dream come true for Murdoch. “Getting my shot was great, but once I realized I was there, I knew I had to do something with it and stand out,” says Murdoch. Murdoch’s first match back against Ricky Starks was the start of something big for him.

“Ricky is a young, hungry, and talented guy,” says Murdoch. “He reminded me of many of the guys I’ve seen when I was coming up.” One of the big things that stood out to Murdoch about Starks was how respectful he was to the business. “That’s big with me because you have to respect who came before you and who will come after you, and be a man about it.”

Before his match with Starks, Murdoch wasn’t wrestling a lot. Murdoch was only supposed to wrestle the one match but plans quickly changed. “What it came down to was when I was at Harley’s funeral,” says Murdoch. “NWA sent executives to pay respects. David Lagan came over and spoke with me about coming in to have a match.”

When Murdoch got to the NWA, he was quickly reminded of how much fun it was in the ring and his love for professional wrestling was instantly back. “They reminded me I still have a lot left in the tank,” says Murdoch. “For me, it was just a reminder that I could still do this and could still go. People still cared.”

Shortly after returning, Murdoch would find himself facing off with Aron Stevens for the first time. “Aron is a very creative, and cunning individual,” says Murdoch. “Every time you step into a ring with someone like Aron Stevens, you got to prepare to go to work.” Murdoch’s rivalry with Stevens would culminate in September of 2020 when he would win the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. Murdoch would go on to hold this title for a little over 180 days before losing it to Chris Adonis, but something much bigger would be coming his way.

Trevor Murdoch v.s. Nick Aldis

One of the biggest rivalries in the NWA recently was the rivalry between Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch. “Aldis is the person that whole-heartedly was the world champion,” says Murdoch. When Murdoch faced Nick Aldis, he recalls having to beat him down over, and over again before he was able to overcome him.

“Nick is one of the most talented, and skillful guys in the business today,” says Murdoch. “He’s good-looking, talented, impressive, and looks like a world champion. When you see your name against him on the card, you better lace up your boots tight.”

Murdoch says that he has never been in a fight, physically or mentally, like he has been with Nick Aldis. “He didn’t give one inch, everything I got, I had to earn, and ultimately I ended up earning his respect,” says Murdoch. Murdoch says that Aldis is the definition of an NWA World Champion and says the NWA is lucky to have him.

The rivalry between Murdoch and Aldis would culminate at the Chase with Murdoch finally being able to dethrone Aldis to become the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. “Winning that title was the culmination of all my hard work,” says Murdoch. “It proved to me and everyone else that I can be a world champion and I am a world champion.”

Although there were a lot of haters and doubters, Murdoch took pride in the fact that he did what many people couldn’t, which is taking Nick Aldis to the limit and winning. Murdoch recalls a photo of his son running up to hug him after his final match with Aldis and says that it is his favorite photo in the world.

Murdoch would go on to have a great reign with the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. In February of this year, after 168 days, Murdoch would drop the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship to Matt Cardona at NWA PowerrrTrip.

Murdoch enjoyed working with Matt Cardona. “Matt’s another guy who has a chip on his shoulder about the business,” says Murdoch. “He’s an opportunist, and you can’t fault him for that.” Cardona would DDT Murdoch on the floor and capitalize on that in his quest to win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

However, Murdoch did learn one very important thing from Cardona. “I learned that it is better to focus on yourself,” says Murdoch. “When you focus on yourself, things start to happen. I got to get a paycheck. There was a question that was asked to me a while ago. Are you here to make friends or for money? I have a ton of friends, I’m here to make money.”

A lot of people are upset with Murdoch’s attitude change lately on NWA. However, Murdoch says it only comes down to one thing, taking care of himself, and his own. Looking ahead to this Saturday night, Trevor Murdoch gets ready to face off against one of his old friends, Aron Stevens.

Alwayz Ready: Trevor Murdoch v.s. Aron Stevens

Stevens and Murdoch have been friends for a very long time. Murdoch considers Stevens as a part of his trilogy towards becoming the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Stevens and Murdoch would become very close. So close that Stevens has been to Murdoch’s home, spent time with his family, and even have Murdoch’s kids call him “Uncle Aron.”

However, when Murdoch lost his world title, something changed in him. His family noticed it as well. “I don’t have a huge timeline left in my career,” says Murdoch. “I had to decide what was more important, me, or what everyone else was doing.”

Stevens saw the change in Murdoch as well and would try to help to change him back. “That hasn’t worked for him,” says Murdoch. “Aron took offense to how I was behaving and called me out on it like a man. I respect him for that.”

Stevens went out and said he didn’t like what Murdoch was doing and how Murdoch was acting. “He put me in a spot where if he wanted to step in front of a moving train, I can’t stop him,” says Murdoch. On Saturday, June 11, at Alwayz Ready, Aron Stevens is teasing this being his final match in the professional wrestling world.

“Why Aron would pick me for his final match, I don’t know,” says Murdoch. “When a guy leaves the business, they usually want to go out with a win. Why he put himself in the pathway of me, I don’t know.” Murdoch says that people will see that from a business level, he will do what he’s done to everyone else who tried to hurt him at Alwayz Ready.

“Business as usual,” says Murdoch. “It’s all about getting the win and getting that paycheck. If this is what he wants, I won’t stop it. If this is his last match, it’s poor opponent selection. You usually want to go out in your final match on your own two feet, I don’t see that happening between him and me.”

Don’t miss Trevor Murdoch take on Aron Stevens in what could be Aron Stevens’s swan song, on Saturday, June 11, at Alwayz Ready.

What’s Next for Trevor Murdoch?

Following Alwayz Ready, Murdoch has one goal in his mind, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. “Everyone forgets that I still have a rematch coming to me,” says Murdoch. “I’m sitting back and waiting for my opportunity. When that happens, I’m going to prove all the haters wrong again.”

“I got that NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship check, and I want that money again,” says Murdoch. “I got bills to pay. I have a kid in college, and another one graduating in a couple of years. I’m all about taking care of them. If you’re the guy in my way, I apologize.”

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