Trick Williams On Being In The NXT Stand & Deliver Main Event Against Carmelo Hayes

WWE NXT star Trick Williams recently spoke with’s Steve Fall on a number of topics including being in the Stand & Deliver main event against Carmelo Hayes.

Williams said, “First, nothing but love and respect to Tony D and Ilja Dragunov. Obviously, they’re great at what they do. I think me and Melo’s story is so personal. This is three years in the making. I think everybody could feel it. Rightfully so, people want to see us go head to head.”

On ending his football career and joining the WWE:

“I played my last down of football right here in Philadelphia with the Eagles. When I got cut, obviously I’m thinking about how to continue my career in football. I’ve been playing for 20 years. My agent at the time was trying to hook me up with the different teams in the XFL and nothing happened. The XFL did reach back, but WWE reached back first. They said, ‘Hey, do you want to come in for a tryout?’ I never once thought about it until that point, but I went for a tryout. I didn’t get signed my first time. They said, ‘Hey, look, you got a great look. You can talk. You’re charismatic, but you never wrestled before, so we need you to show that you’re serious and go learn how to wrestle. That’s what I did. I moved back to Philly, I went to CZW, I wrestled, and they brought me back on for another tryout during COVID and the rest is history.”

“I don’t care if the NFL offered me a $30 million contract. WWE is where I’m meant to be. I never felt so whole, I’ve never felt so appreciated. This whole WWE community has shown me so much love. This is where I’m supposed to be.”

On if NXT can go on the road weekly:

“I would love that. It would have to make sense with the higher-ups who do the money stuff. But I would love that. I wanna see as many cities as possible. We need to whoop that Trick in every city.”

On if he would wrestle in a Deathmatch:

“Never. I’m an entertainer. That’s not what we do here in WWE. We handle our business in the ring. We don’t need all that extra.”

You can check out Williams’ comments in the video below.