Triple H Addresses AEW Jabs At The Hall Of Fame

During Thursday’s NXT Takeover press conference, Triple H commented on the shots taken at AEW during the 2019 Hall of Fame ceremony:

“You know, look the Hall Of Fame to me there was a moment… Billy’s there… there was kinda sorta this moment where if you don’t sorta say there’s an elephant in the room then everyone’s gonna say well why didn’t they mention the elephant in the room?”

“It was nothing more than that and to be honest with DX if you don’t sorta do that then we’re kinda not doing what we do and trust me a lot of that also wasn’t necessarily laid out and planned and things kinda just went along [at the WWE Hall Of Fame].”

“So what they are you know for me I don’t even think about it to be honest for me when it comes to this TakeOver I just wanna put out the best product possible. I’m not focused on anybody else. I’m not thinking about anybody else’s creative or what they said or didn’t say or anything else.”

“To me I’m focused on, you know this Saturday at TakeOver: XXV I’m focused on this Saturday at TakeOver: XXV and the brand and making everybody bigger stars coming out of it putting on the best show we possibly can for fans and continuing to grow the brand.”