Triple H Addresses The Rock’s WWE Elimination Chamber Status

(Photo Credit: WWE)

There has been speculation that The Rock will make a surprise appearance at Saturday’s WWE Elimination Chamber PLE to set up his WrestleMania 40 match, where he and Roman Reigns will face Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

Rhodes and Rollins will appear on the Grayson Waller Effect, where the tag team match may be made official.

While on the Xav and Michelle for Breakfast podcast, Triple H confirmed that The Rock would not be attending the show.

“You are not going to see The Rock. I’m not gonna spin that because I don’t want people expecting that and not see that. This show will be spectacular, and nobody will miss The Rock. As this all came to be, his schedule is quite tight, as you can imagine. So we have him for a lot of events. Unfortunately, this was not one of them.”

You can check out the complete show below: