Triple H Comments On John Cena Possibly Performing At WrestleMania

Triple H recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to promote WrestleMania 37. He was asked if John Cena will work WrestleMania this year.

Triple H noted that if there’s a way for Cena to work WrestleMania 37, then he will be there.

“I won’t put words in John’s mouth, but I can speak to his passion, and it’s WWE and WrestleMania,” Triple H said. “Once you do this at a high level, and John does it at the highest, it’s very hard to put down. If there is a way for him to be there, he will be there.”

As noted earlier, Cena is reportedly now considered to be a 100% lock for WrestleMania 37 but there is no word on who his opponent will be.