Triple H Comments On Mickie James – NWA, Million Dollar Title Plans For WWE NXT, More

Triple H held a media call today to promote Sunday’s WWE NXT “Takeover: In Your House” event. Below are highlights from the call:

* He was asked about the recent vignettes in the Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight feud, the process to get them done, and if there will be more of that as opposed to everything being in-ring driven. He said he likes a mix of things because he doesn’t want to get pigeon-holed. He said the influence of Jeremy Borash is all over the NXT show, including the Grimes/Knight vignettes and the Tian Sha vignettes. It’s a process with a lot of input from other people. Triple H also likes the vignettes

* Regarding WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase and his recent involvement, and if he’s working behind-the-scenes with the company, Triple H said the talent have been going to him and picking his brain, which is great. Ted is glad to help when not everyone else is open to helping, but Ted is glad to be working with the brand. Triple H and everyone else loves having him around. People were excited to see the Million Dollar Title belt return. He was also asked how the belt will be used. He said Grimes and Knight will wrestle to determine the champion on Sunday, and we will see from there. He said it will be a big moment

* He was asked if any female NXT Superstars will be appearing on the NWA In Power all-women’s pay-per-view in August, which will be produced by Mickie James. He laughed at Mickie saying she wants the best female competitors on the NWA show, despite their contract status. He said that’s what contracts are for, and her line didn’t make any sense to him. He also said if you want the best women’s wrestlers in the world, come to WWE and NXT. He said a NXT women’s show could be a possibility in the future, but he feels like they already present the women’s division well. He also made the point that if everyone is equal, there shouldn’t be a men’s-only or women’s-only show

Stay tuned for more.