Triple H Comments On Possibly Having One Last Run In WWE

During an appearance on ESPN’s Cheap Heat podcast, Triple H commented on possibly having one last run in WWE…

“For me, I would like to do, if I was able to do it and this would be a big ‘if’ because of the time challenge of it but to be able to go to different markets and be able to wrestle there and do like a ‘One World Tour’ where you go to the big venues and try not to get injured. But one big tour and go to Japan and go to The O2 in London and just all these different arenas. Go to the Garden one more time, go to Chicago one more time, go to L.A. one more time. Do these big things, Mexico City. To have those big moments in these big arenas because to me, it is about the different fans. It’s not just about that big WrestleMania moment and the different market and the feel there and the people there. But, yeah, if I was to do it in that manner and to me, the people that I’d want to do it with wouldn’t necessarily be — I wouldn’t be looking to do it with somebody that I had a long-term history with. I’d be looking to do it probably with somebody that was younger and getting rolling and I thought — doesn’t have to be younger and getting rolling but that just would be different and a different challenge and a different thought. Again, it’s not in the front of my head. It seems to bother everybody else more than it does me.”

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