Triple H Reportedly Sees Two WWE NXT Superstars With Big Main Roster Futures

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE NXT Superstars Cora Jade and Grayson Waller are expected to have bright futures on the main roster.

According to a recent WrestleVotes report, WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has high hopes for Jade and believes she has the potential to be the next Sasha Banks. Jade has the in-ring talent, the look, and the youth to become a “big deal,” according to WWE officials.

There’s no word on when Jade will be called up to RAW or SmackDown, but she’s expected to be fast-tracked up from NXT, though she’ll most likely be given more time to develop in NXT.

WWE officials are also enthusiastic about Waller and have high hopes for his eventual main roster debut.

Waller’s main roster debut has been discussed as being “emphatic Kevin Owens-like.” There’s also no word on when Waller will be called up, but Triple H reportedly likes him a lot and believes he has a lot of potential to become one of WWE’s biggest Superstars.