Triple H Shoots Down Rumor About Him Wrestling

Triple H did a conference call today to promote NXT Takeover: War Games and here are some highlights courtesy of’s Sean Ross Sapp:

Triple H calls Undisputed Era vs. Revival a dream match for him.

Triple H hopes the split rosters are more defined after Sunday.

Johnny Gargano hopes to be back in action, and he’s gutted missing this Takeover. Was supposed to fight Balor, and is day-to-day. Nothing structural that’s keeping him out, but hopefully he’ll be back soon.

Triple H says that there will be a lot of big names people won’t expect on NXT tonight. Talks about the creative process and says that everyone’s been on the same page of late anyway. He calls it a collaborative process. “As you guys know, and love to report on — things change on Mondays.” – Triple H. Says you can’t set up Wednesday until Monday happens.

Triple H says Imperium being on Raw is something he suggested, and it was received well internally. They didn’t want to fly the entire NXT roster to the UK to do one show, then bring them back.

Triple H has no interest, “zero interest” in wrestling in NXT or being on their Survivor Series team. He says he would fight that vigorously. NXT is about the youth and the future. He leaves the door cracked open for the “perfect time,” but it’s not now.

One member of team NXT will be revealed “the day of.” He says it will be epic and people will be excited. This was a little lost in the response, but it appears he means Team Ciampa.