Update On Killer Kross And How Much Impact Wrestling Stars Are Making

In an update on Killer Kross asking for his release, the belief is that various Impact Wrestling stars are being locked into low-paying deals where they make $250-400 per appearance but there is no guarantee as to how many appearances they will have. One positive is that the talent can make more money from independent bookings outside of Impact.

Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone.com noted the following about the situation:

“Under these deals, talent are flown to the IMPACT TV tapings / live events on basic economy level flights, and are also paying out of pocket for their own luggage, rental cars / Uber transportation and hotels. The situation was described as wrestlers ‘literally losing money’ after compensation and expenses, with several talents saying they were making as little as $3000-5000 for the year (with IMPACT, not including their independent bookings) before taxes and expenses despite being on a majority of the shows.”

Kross was reportedly given a counter offer to stay but it was allegedly still less than an NXT “entry level” deal at under $45,000 a year.