Update on Ric Flair Following His Last Match

Ric Flair is said to be doing fine following the Ric Flair’s Last Match event.

Flair and Andrade El Idolo vs. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal (w/ Karen Jarrett) headlined the Ric Flair’s Last Match event at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium on Sunday night. This marked the first time that Flair had wrestled in 11 years after nearly dying in 2017, requiring surgery on his bowel and suffering kidney failure.

Bret Hart, Mick Foley, and The Undertaker were among those in attendance to witness the match from ringside. Several wrestlers, including Cody Rhodes and Sting, submitted video messages to Flair throughout the PPV.

Flair entered the ring with the large gold belt from WCW/NWA and a white robe. Under the robe, Flair had on tights and a blue top.

The match ended with Jarrett being put in the figure four by Flair, and a second referee came to count him out. As Andrade assisted Flair in getting up, confetti was lowered. Flair walked by the barrier to celebrate the occasion with his family. The Undertaker said something to Flair, and Hart gave him a fist bump.

When speaking with Flair, Tony Schiavone referred to him as the greatest professional wrestler of all time. Flair thanked everyone for coming out while visibly touched. The fans, according to Flair, are what motivates the wrestlers. Flair admitted that he can’t recall much of the fight, but he hopes he didn’t disappoint anyone. Flair concluded the conversation by announcing that he and Kid Rock, who had been spotted watching from the ringside area, will be traveling to downtown Nashville. Lethal gave Flair a hug as he ascended the ramp.

Flair was examined by two doctors right away after entering the backstage area, and a person who spoke with him after the match indicated that he was doing “great,” according to PWInsider.

About midway through the match Flair appeared to be blown apart, and you could see the other wrestlers trying to give him some time to regain his breath.

After being checked out, Flair reportedly stated that he was starving and wanted to get some food.

Even if things appeared to be a little worrisome in the closing moments of that match, it appears that there is nothing to be concerned about.

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You can check out highlights from the match below: