Update On Sting: When His TNA Contract Expires, WWE HOF

To update Sting’s contract situation with TNA Wrestling, his current is set to expire at the end of the year.

For the past several years, Sting has seriously considered retirement and has agreed to try “one more year” a few times now.

So far, Dixie Carter has been able to convince him to keep wrestling with impressive offeres. It’s said that Sting has never been less interested in TNA than he is right, now but it’s hard to turn down the good money and limited schedule that TNA can give him.

There is already tentative talk in WWE that if Sting does not re-sign with TNA, he would be invited by WWE to enter its Hall of Fame next year when WrestleMania is in Atlanta, former home of WCW. One source close to Sting says that a possible job with WWE won’t be a factor at all in his decision to stay with or leave TNA.

(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)