Update On The Production Of AEW’s Console Video Game

In an interview with TalkSport.com, Kenny Omega talked about the production of AEW’s upcoming console video game:

“The biggest challenge we have right now is kind of representing the current wrestling style in a way that still make it feel like the games of old. Because things have changed, it’s not the same wrestling climate as it was in 2000. As you know, we’ve kind of crossed over into a new generation of wrestling and wrestling styles and certain types of wrestling never ages. I wrestle a certain way and the way that I wrestle may not be the way that Fenix or Jungle Boy wrestles, but how can we represent all of those styles in a way where it makes you feel as if you’re playing as those people, how do we make that mesh well in an actual wrestling game? We’re getting closer to that answer and I think with every little new addition to our engine, we feel it out, we see it and play it out. Then we tweak it, then we have other ideas how to tweak it and then tweak it again from there and then maybe we’ll come up with a brand new idea. Luckily we haven’t had any huge setbacks anytime we’ve come up with a new idea or something that we could perhaps implement. It’s sort of like ‘yeah, we can do that’ and try it out, it’s not ‘no, we’re reaching too hard’. So it’s cool how there hasn’t been one great or innovative idea where it’s like I know it probably hasn’t been done, but what if we did this and my biggest fear when I feel like I have a good idea and I know it hasn’t been in a wrestling game before and I say it is if they say ‘no, that’s going to be difficult.’”

It was also noted that the game is expected to be released roughly a year from now in the first quarter of 2022.