Update On WWE Announcers, Mandy Rose Comments On WWE Schedule

(Photo Credit: WWE)

– As previously noted, Twitter account @WrestleVotes is reporting that WWE is planning changes with the announcers when Smackdown move to FOX next month. The account provided additional details:

– In an interview with Metro.co.uk, Mandy Rose talked about the WWE schedule:

“When you get to the main roster it changes a little bit because you’re more on your own, you fit in your training when you can, but it’s hard,” Mandy said. “You land Saturday to get to the live event, I go right to the gym, work out, then we have to be at the venue at 5pm for a 7.30pm show. Then you drive to the next city which might be three or four hours away and you do it all over again.

It gets to be tiring and you want to get sleep instead of get up and go to the gym. So you have to balance your time and go by how you feel. I train five to six days a week, in developmental you’re training in the ring and in the gym, so that’s a crazy schedule. One you get to the main you’re on your own and you do what you want.”