Updates On Mick Foley and Mark Henry, King Corbin – Roman Reigns, Ride Along With Alexa Bliss

– WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley will be doing his one man show over WrestleMania week on Wednesday April 1st in Tampa, Florida at Side Splitters Comedy Club.

– WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry is scheduled to be appearing at the March 21st Stand Alone Wrestling event in Lanoka Harbor, NJ. The show will feature Mike “Nova” Bucci and The Blue Meanie reuniting as the BWO as well and will be the first show in over a decade that Donnie “B” Bucci will be actively promoting.

– Check out the season opener of “WWE Ride Along” featuring Alexa Bliss which will premiere this Friday at 7:30 PM prior to SmackDown:

– King Corbin hosts Super Bowl Opening Night, asks if NFL players could take Roman Reigns:

– WWE on Fox tweeted:

– Roman Reigns asks 49ers who would win a Royal Rumble, if they could take King Corbin: