Updates On Samoa Joe Injury and Andrade’s WWE Suspension

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com provided the following update regarding Samoa Joe’s apparent injury on WWE RAW:

“The belief is that Joe has a concussion which is obviously not a good thing. That’s not 100%, but that was the belief a couple of hours ago. A concussion is the kind of unpredictable injury where you know he could be back next Monday or he could be back in six months you just don’t know. So, yeah that’s the situation he landed on his head and got a concussion.”

Meltzer also discussed the report from ProWrestlingSheet.com that Andrade was suspended by WWE for violating the company’s Wellness policy:

“Andrade is suspended that’s why they did the angle tonight where Humberto Carrillo DDT’ed him on the concrete to explain him being out for the 30 days and the decision was made — it was a Paul Heyman decision — to keep the title on Andrade. The usual protocol would be for him to lose the title as well, but Heyman is very high on Andrade and felt it was too early to put the title on Carrillo.”