Valentine’s Day Surprises For A Wrestling Fan

Happy Valentine’s Day to you in advance! How prepared are you for this day? Some people spend years planning the perfect date, hoping to impress their partners in ways that they have not before. Others go with the flow and wait to see what will work on that day. Do not be the latter as you never know what surprises lay in wait for you. Instead, plan adequately by paying mind to your partner’s interests. If your partner is all about wrestling, get fantastic gifts for wrestling fans for them here. And when it comes to the date, be sure to align it to their interests to make the day more memorable. Below are some ideas that will get your creative juices flowing:

Wrestling Show
You have watched your partner gaze at the TV for hours on end, cheering on their favorite wrestlers. You have seen how excited they get when the stakes are high and how much they know about the sport. This Valentine’s Day, take them closer to the action by getting them tickets to a wrestling match. Sure, it is quite different from traditional wining and dining. But the cheers of the crowds and the general excitement around you will be worth it. After the match, you can head out to eat or settle for a quiet night at home.
Are there dos and don’ts while attending wrestling matches? Yes. You might think that going down on one knee during the half time is a good idea. The question is, should you? Well, this depends on how much you are willing to risk and whether your partner would appreciate such a gesture. Think about this before popping that question and making the night memorable or uncomfortable. The direction of the outcome highly depends on your prior research.

WWE Network and Chill
Yes, you probably won’t watch much of the show, but it sets the mood for the night. Staying in allows you to spend a lot of time with your partner, and it gives you the privacy you need to do things you would not do in public. You can start by making a meal together, which you can wash down with a good bottle of wine.
Having eaten to your fill, you can now settle down and watch the show. You are likely to get carried away in the middle of the show by other things. Let the night lead the way, and the two of you will have a night you will live to remember. Also, away from the crowd, you can set the mood for a beautiful proposal. In a calm environment where external forces are not invading this beautiful moment, she is likely to take the ring.

Express Your Love
If you have been following wrestling matches for a long time, you have a good idea of how people express their love for each other. Why not do that from the comfort of your home? Instead of repeating how much you love her from morning till dusk, wait for that special moment. Lay out a red velvet carpet leading to the stage where you will blurt out those important words. And before stepping onto the carpet, ensure that you put on a white suit. Proceed to take the stage and invite her to it as you would to your heart. Here, you can go on and on about how much she means to you and how you look forward to many more years with her. If she is as ardent a fan of wrestling as you are, she will highly appreciate this moment.
What could you do wrong here? The only ‘don’t’ here would be overdoing it or not putting on your brightest suit. It also won’t work much if your partner does not understand much about wrestling. So save this for a wrestling fan. What else do you think could affect the moment?

Wrestle each other?
Before and after performances, show producers clearly state that you should not attempt any of the acts shown in the program. However, that is not to say that you cannot have some fun with your partner. Dress up for the fight and perform all the theatrics that lead up to the show before having a fighting match. Note that you should be gentle with each other to avoid injuring each other and ruining the day. Mayhaps you should have some ground rules to prevent any broken noses and black eyes the next day.
What could go wrong here? A lot! Without set rules, you are likely to harm each other. Also, the neighbors could call in a noise or domestic abuse complaint. Tread carefully.

Have yourself an eventful Valentine’s Day, won’t you?