Valhalla Comments On Bray Wyatt, Possible Meat Mania Match At WWE WrestleMania XL

WWE star Valhalla (Sarah Rowe) recently spoke with’s Steve Fall on a number of topics including her new book coming out on April 2nd titled “From the Farm, to Our Table.”

Valhalla said, “I was looking for a book on the way we farm that I can read to my son. I have a three-year old. We farm very differently, kind of unconventionally. The way we farm kind of used to be done like back in the day, not so popular now, so I really wanted to find a book that I could read to him that explained regenerative farming and sustainable living and stewardship of the land that didn’t exist. So I was like, I’ll just write my own stinking book. It comes on April 2. You can preorder on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, It’s like a more holistic way of farming and I think being more connected with your food is never a bad idea.”

On possibly having a Meat Mania match at WrestleMania XL:

“I think it’s amazing. There’s so many big dudes in WWE and they all have very different skill sets. Ivar for example, he’s 300 and something pounds and he can do cartwheels and back flips. I think that it is a very unique time in wrestling where all the big wrestlers aren’t just big smashing dudes. I think it would really showcase the WWE guys, like the best of the best talent and the big guys you wouldn’t think could move around like they do and they are and they put on a WrestleMania style performance. I mean, there’s a reason it’s trending. There’s a reason why there’s a following behind it because it’s going to be freaking amazing. I’m pushing for it, obviously, so I would be elated if that happens.”

Who she would like to see get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

“Bull Nakano was a huge one. I think some of the older Japanese dudes that you don’t really see around anymore. No one comes to mind immediately.”

Thoughts on Bray Wyatt:

“My relationship with him goes way back to when I was just doing extra stuff in WWE in like 2014. I was an extra and I was talking to Bray Wyatt about Sister Abigail stuff. I was a very sweet looking young girl who had a little squeaky voice and we were talking about how it would be perfect if the Sister Abigail thing happened. He was a person who really strived for other people to do well. He was always putting my name in there and trying to get me on because I was doing so much extra stuff, like I just kept showing up. That’s how I got hired. People just assumed I worked there until I did work there. He was really nice and sweet and was always down to give advice, especially when I started doing this Valhalla stuff. He would just randomly think of character ideas for me and write to me about it. It’s an incredible resource to have character ideas brought to you. You’re like, ‘Of course I will do anything you say.’ It was just a big hit to the wrestling world.”

“As someone with young children, just seeing those kids and you know, trying to just be whatever you could be for them, bring them any kind of happiness you could bring for them to like, be there for JoJo. It brings tears to my eyes. I think about and pray for them constantly. It’s something I can’t imagine.”

“At TV a few weeks ago, I saw Bray Wyatt’s kids. I was in my makeup and my paint and I looked like I do. I bent down and said hi. Usually I scare children, unfortunately. I don’t like that about my character. I don’t like to scare kids, but Bray’s kids loved it. I got down and they were like, ‘She looks like Daddy’ and they were picking at my dreadlocks. I definitely went into the bathroom and cried for 20 minutes after that. He has left such a mark on the wrestling world that can only be left if you just did good for a very long time, either professionally and personally and family wise. I just want to offer them nothing but love and support and hope. I just try to pray for them every day and it’s such a hard, hard thing. I couldn’t imagine.”

On Michael Cole wearing her antlers on an episode of Monday Night RAW.

“No one knew I was doing that, especially not Michael Cole. That reaction of his was 100% organic and he had no idea that was happening. He just really loves those stinking antlers so I’m just gonna keep trying to integrate them as best I can.”

You can check out Valhalla’s comments in the video below.