Velvet Sky Indicates There Is More To The Dudley Boys No Longer Doing Business Together

Velvet Sky took to Twitter this week and indicated that there is more to WWE Hall of Famers The Dudley Boys no longer doing business together.

As previously reported, D-Von Dudley, who still works as WWE as a producer, appeared on The Cut Pro Wrestling Podcast and talked about why he and Bubba Ray Dudley (Bully Ray) no longer do business together.

“I wish him nothing but the best. We do not do business anymore,” D-Von said. “There’s no hard feelings and I don’t have any animosity towards him. It’s just he’s doing his thing and I’m doing my thing. Bubba and I are not at odds with each other. We don’t hate one another. We just went different ways like most tag teams do. This is not a Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels thing where we hate each other. We don’t. We just had a difference of opinions at that time and we went our separate ways. Even the wrestling school, he has the wrestling school in Connecticut, I have the one in Winter Park over here. So we both individually own our wrestling schools but we just do things separate now. That’s all.”

Velvet, who is engaged to be married to Bubba, responded to D-Von’s comments on Monday night and called him out. Her tweet has since been deleted, but a screenshot can be seen below.

Sky wrote, “Fiction can be fun…. lol if ya’ll only knew the turth. Cuz this ain’t it.”

D-Von has not responded to Sky’s comments as of this writing. You can see a screenshot of her post below: