Vickie Guerrero Weighs In On WWE’s Rey And Dominik Mysterio Storyline

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Vickie Guerrero, who is reportedly still under contract with AEW until July 2023, appeared on The Whole Story podcast with his son Dominik and discussed Rey Mysterio’s storyline:

“My only reaction is that I wish I was part of it! I just think ‘Man, they’re having so much fun… Dominik and Rhea have always texted me, and we talked back and forth, and they’ve always had my support.”

Vickie also mentioned Dominik’s resemblance to Eddie:

“It was remarkable how much they looked alike. I told Dominik ‘You have this honorary position of having Eddie live in the storyline, and you have my support.’”

You can check out the complete interview below: