Video: Brodie Lee’s Son Trains With SmackDown Superstars, Appears For Promo On AEW Dark

Brodie Lee’s wife Amanda Huber has shared new video of Brodie Lee Jr. training in the ring with WWE SmackDown Superstars Liv Morgan and Natalya, and WWE Producer Tyson Kidd. Huber took to Instagram on Tuesday night and commented on visiting Kidd and Natalya at their ring. She also noted that she didn’t know the AEW Dark segment with Marko Stunt was going to make the show. Last night’s Dark episode featured Brodie confronting Stunt in the ring until they had to be pulled apart. That video can also be seen below along with Tony Khan’s comments on how Brodie wrote the promo himself.

Regarding Brodie Jr.’s contract with AEW, Huber noted that if he chooses to wrestle, the contract will be valid on his 18th birthday. She added that school is #1 for Brodie Jr., and that he is not seriously training or anything like that right now.

You can see Amanda’s full Instagram post with videos and photos below an the AEW Dark segment:

Tonight was pretty cool. We got to go visit @tjwilson711 & @natbynature and let Brodie work in the ring. @yaonlylivvonce is a gem for working around the ring with him and letting him learn.

He also cut promos on @allelitewrestling #aewdark which I didn’t know was going to end up making the show. I thought AEW was just letting him have some fun after a really really tough night. Having them air it was incredible and I wish you guys could have seen his smile when we watched it. I told him what @tonyrkhan said about his promo and he was BEAMING.

Also, just for clarity’s sake.
1) His contract with AEW is valid on his 18th birthday *if* he chooses to wrestle. Nobody is going to push it with him. If you were to spend 10 minutes talking to him you’d understand why they gave him a contract though.
2) School is number one for him.
3) He is not seriously training at the moment or will be taking bookings or anything ridiculous right now.

I know I shouldn’t have to clarify but with social media I end up seeing stories how he’s being forced into this or questions about his “contract” or all sorts of craziness.

At this moment, all of this wrestling around him is our friends trying to make an 8 year old pro wrestling fan feel a bit of happiness after losing his hero. [yellow heart emoji] [black heart emoji]

I’m also pretty sure our only hope of stopping this monster Brodie Lee Jr -1 is Nolan Rhino [rhino emoji]