Video: Dark Side Of The Ring Preview For Herb Abrams Episode

Tuesday’s episode of “Dark Side of the Ring” from Vice TV will tell the story of Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) founder Herb Abrams. You can see the new trailer for the episode above.

Abrams created the UWF in August 1990 and ran it until July 1996 in an attempt to rival Vince McMahon and WWE. Abrams, also known as Mr. Electricity, passed away on July 23, 1996 at a hospital in New York City, while in the custody of police due to an incident that happened in his Manhattan office. His cause of death was heart attack by cocaine overdose.

The title of Vice’s episode on Abrams is “Cocaine & Cowboy Boots: The Herb Abrams Story” and their description of the trailer reads like this: “One man’s fanatical attempt to build a wrestling empire to rival Vince McMahon’s goes tragically haywire as his ego and cocaine addiction kills his dream — and him along with it.”