Video: Hacksaw Jim Duggan Announces He Is Cancer-Free Again

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan says he has defeated cancer again. As we’ve noted, Duggan announced in late October that he was going in for prostate cancer surgery, which came after an emergency surgery earlier in the month. He had known about the cancer diagnosis for about a year. Hacksaw underwent successful surgery on October 29 at the MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) Hospital in Charleston, SC, and planned to take a break from social media but, checked back in mid-November and said he was feeling much better.

In an update, Duggan took to Instagram this morning and posted a new video, where he announced that he is now free from the prostate cancer. This was Duggan’s second bout with cancer.

“Hi everybody, I just wanted to share with with everybody the great news I just received, that the cancer was all encapsulated inside my prostate,” Duggan said. “They checked my bones – that came out clear, the surrounding tissue came out clear, the lymph nodes came out clear. So, thank God I’m cancer-free. You know, this was my second bout with cancer. 20 years ago I had kidney cancer, now prostate cancer. Folks, remember – early detection saves lives. And Merry, Merry Christmas… Ho, Ho, Hooo!”

Here is the full video from Duggan-