Video: Joe Gacy’s Mystery Men Attack Bron Breakker After NXT Spring Breakin’ Went Off The Air

WWE NXT Champion Bron Breakker was taken away on a stretcher following last night’s Spring Breakin’ post-show angle.

The NXT Spring Breakin’ main event saw Breakker retain his title over Joe Gacy, in a match that saw some of Gacy’s hooded disciples watching from the crowd. After the match, Breakker stood tall with the NXT Title and celebrated as two hooded disciples, this time with red masks on their faces, watched him from the apron. The show went off the air on the USA Network with the two masked men staring Breakker down.

As seen below, WWE released post-show video that reveals how Gacy watched from the corner as the masked men took Breakker out with a steel chair shot to the back, then dropped him on top of the chair head-first. Gacy then watched as his masked disciples placed Breakker on a barbed-wire stretcher, and carried him away.

There’s no word yet on where WWE is headed with the stretcher angle, or what’s next for Gacy and the masked disciples vs. Breakker, but we will keep you updated.