Video: Karrion Kross Says He Will Keep Hurting People

Karrion Kross appeared on WWE RAW Talk last night and delivered an intense promo to Kevin Patrick.

Last night’s RAW saw Kross appear in a pre-recorded backstage edition of Moist TV with John Morrison. Wearing a suit, Kross said he can be described as a person who wants to make people’s worst dreams become a reality. He was also asked what he has planned next, and he said he plans on making Morrison suffer. This led to a back & forth to set up Morrison vs. Kross in singles action. Kross ended up defeating Morrison in a match that saw the former WWE NXT Champion dominate, winning by submission with the Kross Jacket.

Kross then stopped Patrick from interviewing him during a RAW Talk segment. Kross said-

“I am done answering questions for the day. Luckily for you I do have something to say and I want you to listen. John Morrison, earlier tonight, told me I needed to tell the WWE Universe who I was, and what I’m here to do. Can you believe that? These people know who I am, people at home know who I am. The problem, Kevin, is sometimes… sometimes I don’t know who I am anymore. But I do know this, I enjoy hurting people and I’m real good at it. So, maybe if I just keep hurting people I’ll find the answers that I’m looking for. Tick, tock…”