Video: Mandy Rose Brings Charlotte Flair Back On RAW

Charlotte Flair’s indefinite suspension has been lifted and she is back to work on the WWE RAW brand.

As noted, last week’s RAW saw Flair attack referee Eddie Orengo after she lost to Asuka in the main event, due to interference by RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. WWE announced that Flair was being suspended indefinitely and fined $100,000 (in the storylines) because of her actions. It had been reported that WWE did the suspension because Flair needed quick time off for dental work, which it looked like she had when she appeared on tonight’s show. Tonight’s RAW saw SmackDown official Sonya Deville bring Flair back and announce that Pearce rushed his decision last week. She brought Flair to the ring for an apology to the company and Orengo. That segment also saw Orengo apologize to Flair, noting that he did not see Ripley’s interference and if he did, Flair would’ve won. Deville ruled that Flair’s suspension has been lifted, and her fine paid.

Flair went on to defeat Mandy Rose on tonight’s RAW, with Orengo as the referee.

Deville appeared on RAW Talk tonight and said she was just trying to do her job in bringing Flair back, adding that she thought Pearce’s dramatic decision was rushed last week and that he did not hear Flair out. Deville also noted that Flair is a top star and WWE shouldn’t want her gone off TV. Deville also apologized if Pearce feels like she undermined him, but she’s trying to do what’s best for both brands. Deville also discussed booking Flair against her former tag team partner, and noted that Rose is a tough competitor, and she just wanted a strong opponent for Flair’s return. She also said this was the most intense she’s ever seen Rose work.

Below are a few related shots and clips from tonight’s RAW, along with post-show RAW Talk footage: