Video: MVP Releases “Fall Mighty” Diss Track on Bobby Lashley

MVP is a pro wrestler who also happens to be a rapper, and he used his skills outside of the ring to deepen his feud with Bobby Lashley with a diss track.

At tonight’s WWE Hell in a Cell battle, MVP will team up with Omos to face Lashley in a handicap match. MVP released a diss tune, which WWE published to their YouTube page and turned into a music video, to obtain the final mental edge in the storyline.

The song is called ‘Fall Mighty,’ and it contains some excellent lines, such as MVP saying, “even though your name is Bobby, I’ve got the brains like Heenan.”

Lashley and Omos first met at WrestleMania 38, then again at WrestleMania Backlash, with Lashley winning the first match and Omos winning the second due to outside intervention.

On the May 16 edition of WWE Raw, the third match was held inside a steel cage, with Omos slamming him through the cage’s side.

Stay tuned to for more. You can watch the complete video: