Video: New Message From SmackDown Hacker

The mystery hacker seen on WWE SmackDown has released a new video. As seen in the tweet below from his @TheMessageWWE account on Twitter, the shadowy figure is now including RAW Superstars in his cryptic control room promos.

The mystery hacker starts off his message with a warning to the people, to the good and the evil. His latest message goes something like this: “This is a warning to the people. To the good, to the evil. I was silent. But I was not blind (wrong?). My eyes know your lies.”

The GPS coordinates for the Twitter location have also changed to 45°33′08″N 91°13′39″W, which comes out to Imalone Road in Imalone, Wisconsin. The mystery man has also changed his Twitter bio once again. It now reads like this: “True justice happens with eyes wide open.”