Video: NXT Airs New “Diamond Mine” Teaser Promo

This week’s WWE NXT episode featured the latest MMA-themed vignette for The Diamond Mine. This week’s vignette for the unknown storyline or concept included the line “Opening Soon,” which gives a bit of insight into what this will be. The promo shows male and female athletes training in a MMA setting.

WWE’s synopsis for the latest Diamond Mine video reads like this: “The Diamond Mine opens soon. NXT is about to learn what Diamond Mine is all about.”

WWE first aired the MMA-themed vignette for The Diamond Mine back in late April. They have since replayed the vignette a few more times, but this week’s promo was a bit different, and included the “Opening Soon” line. WWE has had plans for The Diamond Mine since at least late 2020 as they filed to trademark the name on December 30.