Video: Sheamus And John Morrison Work Out Together

– Below is the 104th episode of Celtic Warrior Workouts from Sheamus’ personal YouTube channel. This episode features a “Flow Motion” full body workout with John Morrison.

Sheamus wrote in the video description, “WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… Myself and John Morrison go all the way back and we’ve had some banger matches in the past. He went away for a while but JoMo is back in the WWE and I couldn’t be happier, so this workout was 10 years in the making! John has one of the best physiques in wrestling history and it’s down to particular functional training style Flow Motion Mixed with Parkour and everything in between. The guy is like the energizer bunny. We got this workout done in the RAW Underground ring at the WWE Thunderdome so we had to use what was available to get it done. But John being John meant that was not a problem and we still managed to get blown-up even though we both at big matches on RAW that night. So here it is, JoMo’s FloMo workout… Brave Change.”