Video: The Eli Drake Show 001 – Eli’s First Time

You can check out the latest edition of the “Eli Drake Show” below. Here is the official synopsis:

The Eli Drake Show is now officially available as part of the new Carnyland platform. This unique talk show is all from the perspective of the one and only… E-LI DRAKE. If you want to get The Eli Drake Show first, make sure you join to get early access plus to be a part of the show by asking questions that will be answered on the show.

On the debut episode entitled “Eli’s First Time”, Eli talks about his FIRST TIME, what really gets under his skin in the wrestling business including his time in Impact Wrestling, his feelings on the stock market, and the Michale Jordan Documentary Series “The Last Dance”. Upon completion of Episode 001, Eli Drake added his thoughts on the passing of his friend Shad Gaspard.