Video: To The Class of 2020 | The Eli Drake Show 004

What a year 2020 has been… and Eli Drake has some sound advice for 2020. You can get this show and tons of exclusive content FIRST here – The Eli Drake Show 004 is part of the exclusive content available on Carnyland every week. You also get all this content in podcast form here –

On The Eli Drake Show 004, Eli has a special commencement address for all of us trying to graduate from 2020. Sure it’s been a pure dumpster fire of a year, but Eli Drake has got you covered. Eli breaks down the “SHOES OF A CHAMPION” Physical Challenge. 30 days to change your life. If you’re doing this challenge every day, make sure to tag @Carnyland and @TheEliDrake in every tweet showing you do the challenge. If you do it everyday, Eli will have a special prize for you. Also on the show, Eli shows off what he eats to help motivate you into making a real change in your life.