Video: WWE Posts Teaser Video That Could Be For April Fools

WWE has posted an interesting teaser that has fans speculating on a potential reveal of some sorts. As seen below, the official WWE Network Twitter account posted a countdown graphic with the Stone Cold skull logo for WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin. The graphic says “24 HOURS” but the music used in the teaser is from the old WWE theme song belonging to current AEW star Chris Jericho.

The tweet was captioned with, “[clock face emoji] T O M O R R O W [clock face emoji]”

WWE scheduled the teaser to publish at 12 noon ET today, and the filename was 24hours.mp4. Some fans were speculating that this is some sort of gimmick for April Fools’ Day, which is today, but the teaser is for 24 hours from 12 noon today, which would be tomorrow afternoon. It’s still likely that this is some sort of April Fools’ gag, but that has not been confirmed.