Viewership Numbers For 1/15/20 NXT and AEW Episodes

AEW Dynamite won this week’s viewership battle with 940,000 (0.38 18-49 demo) viewers. WWE NXT drew 700,000 (0.21 18-49 demo) viewers.

Last week, AEW Dynamite won the battle with 947,000 (0.36 18-49 demo) viewers. WWE NXT, which didn’t rank in the top 50 on, drew 721,000 (0.19 18-49 demo) viewers at #55.

Two weeks ago, the New Year’s Day edition of AEW Dynamite drew 967,000 viewers up against the 548,000 viewers for WWE NXT although AEW was live while the NXT show was pre-taped.

For the previous week of live competition back on December 18th, WWE NXT won with 795,000 viewers (0.27 18-49 demo) compared to 683,000 viewers (0.25 18-49 demo) for AEW Dynamite.