Vince McMahon Comments On Possible WWE Network Deals

WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon revealed during today’s Q4 & Full-Year 2019 earnings report & investors call that the company is considering strategic changes to the WWE Network.

In regards to Network monetization, Vince said they have a lot of options, which includes selling their rights to “the majors” who are said to be “clamoring” to get WWE’s content. “The majors” presumably being other networks or streaming services. Vince said there’s no better time than right now to exercise the selling of those rights. Vince added that this would be a significant increase in revenue, and the potential changes would be “transformative” for WWE.

McMahon noted that the “major players” are very interested in WWE OTT (Over The Top) content, but he did not elaborate on who these potential partners could be. There’s speculation on potential talks with companies such as Netflix or Amazon, but those names have not been confirmed. It’s possible that we see WWE pay-per-view events airing on another platform in the near future.

Vince said later in the call that if WWE does go in that direction, an announcement would be made in the first quarter of this year. He said that shows how far along they are, indicating that talks are quickly progressing.

There’s no word yet on what these talks would mean for the future of the WWE Network, and the tiered plans, but it could be very interesting to see what the platform evolves into.