Vince McMahon Hypes The Undertaker “Last Ride” Documentary On The WWE Network

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon took to Twitter today to plug “The Last Ride” special on The Undertaker, which premiered last Sunday on the WWE Network with Chapter 1 of 5. Chapter 2 will premiere this Sunday. Vince also gave praise to several producers who “brought new life” to The Deadman – Dan Pooch, Matthew Braine, Steve Cono, and Brian Decker.

“@Undertaker: #TheLastRide has captured the incredible story of one of WWE’s most iconic Superstars. Impressive work by the @WWENetwork team, especially @DanPooch, @MatthewBraine, @SteveCono and @deekismanis. You brought new life to the deadman,” Vince wrote.

You can see Vince’s full tweet below, along with responses from Braine, Cono and Decker: