Vince McMahon Surprised By AEW’s Success?

With AEW All Out selling out in just 15 minutes, Dave Meltzer of discussed how WWE talents and Vince McMahon are reacting to the AEW’s success so far:

“I heard that there are people counting the days there. A lot of people are counting the days.”

“Everyone wants out..I don’t want to say everybody cause Roman Reigns doesn’t want out, but….they were just in town and….yeesh. They (WWE) didnt expect this momentum (AEW) to keep growing. I’m sure that (WWE) would have thought that it was beginners luck the first time, but now they can’t say that, but this has gotten stronger (AEW) with each show and the momentum is insane. Vince has a lot on his plate right now….this is not something he saw coming.”