Vince Russo Comments On Eric Bischoff Being Fired By WWE

During an appearance on Konnan’s podcast, Vince Russo commented on Eric Bischoff being fired by WWE and Smackdown losing almost a million viewers in one week:

“Let me make it real simple. Karma is a b**ch, bro. These are guys, Bruce Pritchard and Eric Bischoff, to this minute are still burying me on their podcasts. Bro, these guys just lost a million viewers in one week and you’re burying me? Seriously bro?”

“Losing a million viewers is unheard of, like unheard of.”

“AEW is a new company, AEW is a brand new company, WWE is a brand that has been around for five decades bro, and that’s the problem man. They still think that they can get over on their brand.”