Vince Russo – Impact Wrestling Rumors Are Reportedly False

As previously reported, tere are a lot of rumors going around on Vince Russo being back with Impact Wrestling to help with the creative process. There’s been no confirmation on these rumors, and it’s said by some within Impact that the rumors are false. PWInsider adds that the rumors have made the rounds since before WrestleMania 36 Weekend, but word is that Russo is not involved or employed in any way by Impact.

There was talk of using Russo at the “TNA: There’s No Place Like Home” special event that was scheduled for WrestleCon during WrestleMania Weekend because the idea was “no politics” and to have an open door policy for that one single night, to celebrate the old TNA brand. However, Russo was never officially booked and the event was nixed when WrestleCon was canceled due to WWE canceling their big event because of the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, a higher-up in Impact reportedly told PWInsider that there are no plans for Russo within the company, in any capacity, including a consultant, independent contract, or employee. Things can always change in the wild world of pro wrestling, but numerous sources are saying that Russo is not affiliated with the company in any way.

Russo took to Twitter this week and reacted to the rumors.

“Years Ago I was Hired by TNA as a consultant. Part of the Terms was to keep it Quiet. I did what my Employer asked me to do. When I accidentally sent an e-mail to the wrong address-it came out. I was labeled a LIAR for keeping the confidentiality my employer asked me to,” he wrote. He continued in a follow-up tweet, “At that time I vowed myself to never allow myself to get into that situation again. The Dirt Sheets are stirring up that I’m consulting fort TNA again. Hate to kill their FALSE BS-but-I’m not. is a FULL-TIME JOB and I wouldn’t trade it in for THE WORLD”