Virgil Announces He Has Stage 2 Colon Cancer and Needs Financial Help

As previously reported, former WWE/WCW star Virgil announced that he suffered two massive strokes. On Saturday, Virgil revealed that he also has cancer and needs help with ongoing medical bills:

“It’s really shitty right now. Too make things worse I know have stage 2 colon cancer. I am a fighter but need your help. I cannot afford any of the medical bills and would love your support.”

A donation link ( has been set up with the following description:

“I have had mri and others procedure. I have spent close to $5721 on these the next two comes close to $3400. I would be more than glad to sign, do a cameo video and much more. I receive NO help from WWE who, based on all the chairshots, blows caused this. To those that have helped I am truly thankful and blessed.

So you understand my situation better I get $862 a month social security, a friend allows me to stay for $200 at a place he has. With Food and utilities and doctor visits pretty much puts me in hole. I have had to do few signings to help but been hard. This is Not a Gimmick nor a stunt , this is real and it is hard to have to ask for help.

Thank you to all of you.

michael ‘Virgil’ ‘Soultrain Jones’”