Virgil Not Doing Well After Suffering From Several Strokes

Tatanka revealed on Instagram that Virgil is not doing well after suffering several strokes, and he asks everyone to pray for him.

This is what he wrote on Instagram:

“Got a message from a friend that Virgil is not doing good and has had several strokes! There is power in prayer! Everyone come together please and say a prayer for Virgil.. if it was u, u would want the same! ❤️ #LoveOneAnother We’re all imperfect human beings on this journey called life! ”

Virgil has been dealing with health issues for several years. In 2022, he revealed that he had two strokes and was diagnosed with dementia. A month later, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with stage 1 gastrointestinal cancer.

Our best best wishes go to Virgil.