Wedding Officiant Addresses Security Incident On WWE RAW

Actor Rick Malone, who played the wedding officiant on WWE RAW, addressed being tackled by security prior to his segment with Bobby Lashley and Lana in a Facebook post:

“This is what happened tonight at WWE/RAW: I needed to get into the ring in order to consummate the ‘Bobby Lashley and Lana Wedding’ (which was totally disrupted last Monday night in Hartford CT), but security prevented me, so I had no other choice but to dive into the ring headfirst. Security was not pleased! But the married couple was very happy! ❤️”

For what it’s worth, Reddit user looselipsbackstage is claiming that the incident was scripted and not an accident:

But security tackling the priest in the ring was part of the script for the show.

From script:

IN-ARENA: An Unidentified Man (The Wedding Official) is attempting to get in the ring when he is confronted by security…