Wes Brisco Claims The Shield Took Gimmick From Aces & Eights

Former Impact Wrestling talent Wes Brisco was recently on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. Here are the highlights:

Why Aces & Eights ended:

“What happened was, they hired two new writers. The other writers got fired, and they hired a bunch of new people and the new people in charge didn’t want any script or anything to do with the other writers. So those in control scratched everything. That’s why it kinda just ended.”

How The Shield got their gimmick from Aces & Eights:

“All those guys that we were together with, we stuck together, we hung out together, we were together. I mean, we took this [seriously]. We wanted to be very successful. We wanted to treat it like it was our baby, our opportunity to set an example and create something totally different.

“Because if you look at it, that’s what started The Shield because of us. If you really look at it, we started before The Shield even came through the crowd, we had the mask on. Basically, [they did] the exact same thing.”