What is Solo Sikoa’s Role in the Bloodline?

(Photo Credit: WWE)

At Clash at the Castle, Solo Sikoa joined the Bloodline by assisting Roman Reigns in retaining the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship over Drew McIntyre. At first, it seemed the Uso’s younger brother was ready to acknowledge the Tribal Chief, just like his older brothers already have. However, as the weeks have gone by, cracks seem to be forming within the Bloodline, even if they are subtle. Sami Zayn’s presence seems to be an annoyance to Jey Uso, even if Solo and Roman Reigns himself have welcomed the “honorary uce” into the fold. Maybe he’s just being used as a pawn in the eyes of Reigns’ grand scheme of things plan, but Jey is not happy. To make matters worse, it seems as though Solo Sikoa has been drawn to Sami since his arrival on the main roster, asking Sami to join him at ringside as well as joining Sami for his matches. Something seems off, but what could it be?

The arrival of Sikoa to the main roster came as a shock at the moment, but not beyond the realm of possibility considering his familial ties to the family. Roman did not seem to expect Solo to arrive but obviously welcomed it. My thoughts, as time has been unfolding, are that maybe Sikoa was sent by the A’noai elders, the same ones who recognized Roman as Tribal Chief nearly two years ago. It could have originally been as another soldier to fight the battles of the family, in order to preserve the title reign of Roman. However, it could quickly deteriorate from there if they are not careful. Sikoa seems to not answer well to orders, unlike how his older brothers have been towards Roman since day one of this dynasty. They have done everything at the beck and call of the Head of the Table, and it has led them to unify the tag titles as well as an over year-long reign as tag champs. Solo has already bucked the trend, going rogue to NXT to win the North American Championship before calling out his brother Jey for being “off his game” after suffering a loss, and thus asking Sami to accompany him rather than his older brothers. Roman is very demanding, and there may come a time when he demands Solo do something he does not want to do. Could this come in a potential War Games Match at Survivor Series? Possibly, yes, but there is still plenty of time ahead of Wrestlemania season, where I believe this concept could go full tilt chaotic as Roman Reigns clings onto his titles for dear life.

I do believe that all 5 members of the Bloodline will participate in War Games, which would likely see Roman, Solo, Jimmy, Jey, and Sami face a contingent of WWE superstars (my picks being Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre, and Riddle, just for the sake of argument). Within, I see two major storyline pieces taking place. The first is the first major seed of dissension between Reigns/the Uso’s and Sikoa, which will lead to a full-fledged implosion down the line. Second, the Bloodline will officially oust Sami Zayn as the honorary uce, allowing for Zayn to reunite with Kevin Owens, eventually challenging for the tag team titles against the Uso’s at Day One. This will likely be because Sami cannot hit Owens, similar to what was teased several weeks ago. The Bloodline will win, minus one extra member after Zayn’s removal, but the cracks will be more evident than ever, and will only continue to show.

Beyond War Games, while Jimmy and Jey contend with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, Solo will only get closer to Reigns, becoming the new right hand to the Tribal Chief. Jey will continue to get jealous, eventually having a physical confrontation with his younger brother, where Solo lays him out. Reigns would admonish Solo, severing the trust Reigns has, as well as Solo losing hope that Roman has any more control over the “island of relevancy”, causing him to report back to the elders. Solo would eventually make an attempt at unseating the Tribal Chief himself, coming up short as the Uso’s remain faithful. After this, the elders have no choice but to call in the biggest reinforcement they possibly can: The Rock. Now that, as they say, would be a story to discuss another day.

Obviously, this is all speculation and hope from my end of tying together all the loose ends of the Bloodline’s stories right now and the ones they will likely have in the near future. With a Rock vs. Reigns match still a possibility, this would lead to a fun way to get us there, with callbacks to various aspects of what would be a 2-and-a-half-year reign of dominance at that point. We will have to wait and see how things unfold with the Bloodline, those within, and the events they will partake in, but I for one am very excited at the many options that lie before us!

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