What Ric Flair Allegedly Said To Vince McMahon Prior To His WWE Departure

As PWMania.com previously reported, Ric Flair reportedly sent a message to Vince McMahon prior to his departure from WWE. In a public statement, Flair did not write anything negative about the company.

In regards to which side initiated the release, Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com discussed the situation:

“I heard that Ric was unhappy with Charlotte’s booking… he was upset with her booking and so the story I heard was that he sent a text message to Vince and the text message essentially said, ‘you either fix it or I quit.’ Vince of course did not fix it and so Ric Flair quit. You can actually, whichever side you are on – Flair’s side or WWE’s side. You can basically say that Vince fired him because he refused to kowtow to his demands. Or you can look at the Flair side and go well his demands were not kowtowed to so he quit. Basically, I think that explains the discrepancy in this story, did he quit or was he fired? Well, he gave him an ultimatum and Vince was like ‘forget about it buddy.’ Either side, technically I guess, would be correct.”

People.com noted the following regarding the story about Flair allegedly texting McMahon:

“Flair tells PEOPLE that any reports that he messaged Vince McMahon to release him because of conflicting storylines with his daughter Charlotte are ‘absolutely not true.’”

Flair also said the following to People:

“Some of my best friends in the world work at the company. How could I possibly be upset with the company where my daughter is currently the most decorated woman’s wrestler in history?”

“It was a mutually agreed-upon decision and I will be moving forward to pursue other exciting endeavors such as my own line of wine, my own network, as well as comic books. I had to make this decision personally for my business and my brand.”